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Mission Statement

The Intercultural Institute (ICI) provides a platform for all intercultural services, essential to succeed in a globalized businessworld. In today's corporate society, we have to face new challenges. Geographical distance is no longer the major obstacle to expanding your company's activities abroad.

But neither are international terrorism, poverty, human rights violations or the spread of diseases the major threats to international peace, security, economic growth and to our environment. They are merely symptoms of something which lies much deeper: Our ignorance and disregard of other cultures. The only cure and thereby the most crucial and most important new challenge today is understanding other cultures - the cultures our friends, colleagues, neighbors, employees, business partners and competitors were raised, live and also work in.

Without understanding a culture and understanding its society and people, most businesses fail within the first year abroad. In order to successfully establish your company in other countries, as well as preparing you to lead your business into the 21st century, The Intercultural Institute has developed a variety of powerful tools and services to guide and assist you in these efforts.

The Intercultural Institute works with international experts, experienced business leaders, statesmen, politicians, religious leaders and prominent people from civil society to create and continuously improve our programs and services. Our team of cultural trainers, lawyers, headhunters, interpreters, networkers as well as our Board of Management is fully committed to meet the high expectations you deserve from a reliable partner. Our services are designed to meet your company's needs in every aspect of intercultural interaction, in business as well as in the non-corporate world.

Understanding people by understanding their culture – the cure and key to a bright and successful future.


Bettina Ungerer
Managing Director
The Intercultural Institute